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Sharon Balidoy


Coach Sharon Balidoy is a co-founder of Lae'ula O Kai, and continues to stay active both as a paddler and as a coach. She is the coach for morning adult practices, and for afternoon kamali'i racing in the 12-14 age group. Coach Sharon is assisted in the Kamali'i 12-14 by Kamalani Kanekoa, Ho'i Alves, and Emi Alves.

For Coach Sharon Balidoy, there is no better way to greet each new day than to be at early morning practice. Being on the ocean with your friends, greeted by the stars in the winter and the early morning rising sun in the summer is the best way to kick start the positive energy flow. And the energetic kamali'i in the afternoons keep her running and on her toes!

Ricky Balidoy


Coach Ricky Balidoy works primarily with the adult men for both regatta and long distance seasons, and in the winter for recreational practice and OC1. As with all of the Lae'ula O Kai coaches, he also steps in and assists whenever needed.

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Female Soccer Coach

Coach Riley Jones

Head Coach

Coach Riley Jones has been with us since the very beginning and as our Head Coach, and trains and mentors our players, offering professional and quality guidance throughout the season.


Mary Kielty


Coach Mary Kielty is a founding member of Lae'ula O Kai, working hard to help build the club on the North Shore of Maui at Kanahā Beach Park.  She is the coach for kamali'i ages 15-18 during regatta and distance season. Coach Mary looks forward to continued success for Lae'ula O Kai and lots of fun!

Kelli Rios

Manini Age Group Coach

Coach Kelli is beloved for her work with Lae'ula's manini program, ages 8-11, which is held in the summer months. Coach Kelli's goal is to teach keiki the basics about paddling, teamwork, and most importantly, water safety. With Coach Kelli and her assistant, Lauren Rios, manini do a lot of fun activities such as land training, relay swim races, and free swimming and participate in regattas, while bonding, making memories, and having a huge amount of fun! 

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