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Lae'ula O Kai (Club #37) was founded in 1991 by co-founders Desmon Antone and Sharon Balidoy. It was initially established at Kanahā through the State of Hawaii's "Adopt-A-Park" program. At the time it was a daring location, as there was much uncertainty about paddling outside the safety of the harbor walls and in the "open" ocean.

We are Lae'ula O Kai, which translates to the "well trained experts of the oceans and low lands". It is what we strive to be. We are continually learning, we kilo, we observe and take note, and we work towards being Lae'ula O Kai. We do this not only at our home site, Kanahā, but also wherever we may venture - which is why we are not "Kanahā Canoe Club". 

Mornings are usually calmer water, and afternoons we have up wind efforts with flying downwind runs. With waves, there is canoe surfing any time of day. Kanahā is fairly well protected inside the reef, however there are still days when it is wise to not go out even if you woke up at 4:00 a.m. to practice. On those days, enjoying a conversation or cup of coffee with your teammates is invaluable.

Lae'ula O Kai shares the ocean with our neighbors, many of whom were there before - honu, i'a, he'e, monk seals, rays, and sharks, along with swimmers, divers, fishermen, windsurfers, kiters, surfers, SUPs, foilers, wingers, and whatever new ocean activity may develop. Lae'ula O Kai welcomes diversity and is not exclusive in either membership or ocean use.

Lae'ula O Kai is a medium-sized club with a membership of about half youths and half adults. Lae'ula O Kai strives to be inclusive and accepting, to kōkua and to be respectful, and to instill those values. Winning is not at any cost nor is it the only thing that matters. It is good to win so we train hard and are competitive in all divisions, but with the mind set of aloha kekahi i kekahi (caring for one another). We accept that kuleana (responsibility).

Presently Kanahā is under the County of Maui Parks and Recreation Department, and we are grateful for the partnership we have established with them.



Nā Wa‘a


The outrigger canoes, or wa'a, are vital to one's safety and motion at sea, so they are important and respected. Over the years, Lae'ula O Kai has had, and continues to have, a number of beautiful wa'a. Most recently, Lae'ula O Kai has had the great kuleana to restore and breath new life into a koa canoe after years of rest, with the excitement of once again feeling the embrace of the ocean. Lae'ula O Kai's newest wa'a is a koa wood OC6 now known as Hōkūpana, named for the shooting star that flew above her during her restoration.


Kupu – sprout...growth...offspring...upstart...

OC-6 made of redwood strips made and named by Kamehameha CC in Hilo... this was our 1st canoe... 


Ka Hiapo... the first born child... the first born

OC-4 surfing canoe donated by Gil Hisatake and China Uemura... wa’a is somewhere on Hawai’i Island


Kiu Ke‘e... Name of a swirling wind associated with Nāwiliwili, on the island of Kaua'i... Catamaran sailing wa’a ...donated by Arrudi-Keehi Marine Center... came named... Kiu Ke‘e is on an epic journey somewhere in the vast Pacific.


Papa...  Hawaiian Catamaran made by Kirk and Rae Clarke... sailing canoe


Maui and Meherio ... Maui named by Puaniho Tauotaha for his family name and connection to our Island Maui.  Meherio means mermaid in Tahitian and was named by Monique Tauotaha. 2 farakata, Albizia wood, wa’a.  Puaniho was a loea, a master canoe carver and his daughter Monique his kōkua.  He fell a single farakata tree on Kaua’i and made 2 OC-6 from one tree.  One was made by splitting the bottom 25’ + in half length wise and joining them together and the other wa’a was made from the next 50’+ of the tree.  From the very top of the tree trunk Kimo Kekuku made an OC-3


Mauli Ola... Breath of Life

         Hawaiian Racer... seats altered by Jimmy Makekau and Kolo ma....


Haunanipi‘ialohalani... named by Anita Anderson (it is her middle name)... Force 5... Anita securred matching funds for this wa‘a


Hei be victorious…Bradley...came named... purchased 2nd hand from Hui Lanakila California


Nāhoawalealauhoe...the friends that enjoy paddling together... Mirage... Kelly Cua named this wa'a as members fund raised for this canoe and we all enjoyed being together and working towards this common cause.


Hānaiakamālama... foster child of the moon, Hawaiian name for the star constellation the Southern Cross... Malia... purchased from Lāhainā CC... when we picked it up there was a mom and baby whale right off shore of Hanakaʻōʻō (inside of lane 1) and was during the season when Hānaiakamālama could be seen.  Wa’a was purchased with the kamali‘i in mind, for them to use during practices.


Ho‘omalu… to protect... to bring under the care and protection of...  Malia... purchased from Lāhainā CC... named in conjunction with Hānaiakamālama listed above.


Kō‘alaika‘alekai… Bradley Striker?... matching donation from Kai and Marla Thielk... named by Marla


Kāne‘aukai... Kāne who travels the seas. Mirage.


Kilohana... best... superior...excellent... Mirage


Meherio Piti... Mermaid #2. Bradley Lightning... Named to remember our other wa’a and Papa and Monique and also so that it will dance and swim and travel the oceans as a mermaid.


Ka Lehua... the lehua... for the red ‘ōhia lehua flower... also figuratively means warrior, beloved friend, beloved relative and expert. Bradley Lightning... named for the red stripe it has separating the green and yellow... it so beautiful... and for all as listed above.

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